Finding roots

The night is far-off the raising sun. Somewhere, a pale woman is trying to get into a very different world, however, her mind is apart from there, supervising her actions during all day. “Stop. I’m lying in my bed and definitely, I want to sleep quietly, without thinking in anything, just falling myself down in a high cliff. I want to feel the water dancing around my legs and taking me into the deep with its wet hands.”

Freud was right: “When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it”. Finally, she fell asleep and somehow, rapid eye movement started to come. Nobody can resist that situation tremendously enigmatic. Dreams… or nightmares? Basing in my meek experience, I could perfectly say that there’s no essence that defines what is a pleasant dream or not. For me, every time I spend dreaming my satisfaction is equivalent as living the bright day. Why doesn’t people realize? It’s not about being egoist. The fantastic impressions that spring up in our brain are more significant that all our performances and the dreamer, can discern the way he is. There’s no deception, although is a hard true.